Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shopaholics Anonymous

Me: Hi, my name is Ebony Jewel, I'm 27 and I'm addicted to shopping. 
My Shopaholic Anonymous Group: Hi Ebony Jewel!

Seriously, I am addicted to shopping!  I'm always out looking for the latest and greatest trends; this time it just happens to be fall trends!  I decided that I was past due for some new fall looks.

Here's my list of "go to" stores for the fall:
  • Cole Haan - I love their shoes, seriously they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE pumps I have ever owned in my whole entire 27 year life!  Majority of their shoes are enfused with Nike Air technology, making them feel like a gym shoe, yet they look like a classic chic pump! Check them out, you won't be disappointed.
  • Banana Republic - Yeah yeah, typical of me right? I don't care what you say! Banana Republic is one place where I can find really cute outfits for work & play.  The same little black dress that I doll out for work, I can glam up for a night out on a date! Their clothes are so versatile, they just keep me hanging on!
  • Ann Taylor and Loft - Let me start with Ann Taylor! I love their dresses, dress pants, and most of all their jewlery.  On first glance, Ann Taylor seems a little stuffy, slightly pretentious but classy nonetheless.  When I'm looking for lined dress pants (of course in Tall) Ann Taylor is my first stop.  Now the Loft - thankfully the Loft is a younger, hipper version of Ann Taylor.  The Loft is perfect for a 20 something like myself! Their clothes are a little less pricey than the sister store Ann Taylor, but they're cute, fun and flirty - totally fits my personality & personal style.  I can take a shirt from the Loft and throw it under a suit from Ann Taylor; keeps me feeling young, cute and refreshed!
  • Charming Charlie - I think Charming Charlie is a southern thing, so for all of you Southern Belles who love jewelry, Charming Charlie is the place for you.  The store is filled with coloful trinkets of absolute fabulousness! I'm addicted, every time I walk in there I'm overwhelmed!  I can never remember what color clothes I purchased, so I have to bring them with me when I go to Charming Charlie! 
  • Coach Factory Outlet - Purses, purses, purses.  A girl can never have enough purses; hit up the Coach Factory Outlet for some awesome deals! I did over the Labor Day weekend and I totally lucked out.  You'll see shortly!
  • Louis Vuitton - Oh Louis - you and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love you Louis, I think you're too freakin expensive though.  When I landed my first consulting gig I told myself with my first pay check I'd buy my first LV purse.  (Lots of firsts there huh?) I don't remember the date, but it was some time in August of 2007, I purchased my first LV Speedy 40 bag at the Louis Vuitton store in Boston.  Then in the summer of 2009, almost 2 years later, I purchased my 2nd LV bag at the "flagship" store on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris <- that was HEAVEN! After purse #2 & almost $2K in Louis Vuitton purses, my fascination with the brand had faded away.  Don't get me wrong, I still love LV, but it's just a purse & just a brand.  Yes, I want another one and I'll get another one, but not quite yet!  Anyways - my two LV purses have lasted and will continue to last throughout the seasons: Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall - they're timeless pieces that I love!
  • DSW - Shoes, shoes, shoes! Yep - I like DSW; my only complaint is that I find better sizes online than I do in the stores.  To complicate that, ordering shoes online sucks...seriously!
  • New York & Company - I can remember when NY&CO was the ONLY store I ever needed in my life.  Actually back then, it was Lerner New York & Company.  Over time, New York & Company has transformed into a company that sometimes I love and other times I question.  I question where the ideas for their outfits come from & what happened to the young, but sexy office wear look went.  In any event, I still frequent New York & Company, I'm a little saddened to hear that you now to have be a credit card owner to get coupons from them because I am not a card holder, but I don't think that will stop me from shopping there!

So! Visit some of the stores above, you know you wanna!  They should be paying me dangit - I'm advertising for THEM for FREE!!!

Without further adieu, here are some outfits I'll be sporting this fall! I've purchased a lot of timeless classics that I can mix and match, you'll see!

Ann Taylor dress, NY & Co cardi, Coach Purse & Cole Haan shoes

Ann Taylor dress, Banana Republic cardi, Cole Haan shoes & Coach purse

New York & Co suit, Coach purse & Cole Haan Shoes

New York & Co jacket, Loft shirt

Banana Republic skirt, Loft shirt & Loft necklace

Banana Republic cardi & silk shirt

Banana Republic sweater & sleeveles ruffle shirt

Black Cole Haan pumps

Brown Cole Haan pumps

Brown Coach purse

Coach makeup bag

Now you've had a chance to peek into some of my fall fashions - what are YOU buying for the fall?


Soph! said...

loving that dress from Ann Taylor! I can't see the sleeves on it due to the cardigans. Is it sleeveless?

On my fall to buy list is boots! I love wearing boots! I'm on the search for some perfect grey suede ankle boots. Also, leggings. My fall wardrobe is dresses skirts paired with leggings/tights and boots.

Ebony Jewel said...

The dress is actually sleeveless...we can't wear anythign sleeveless at work so I have to buy shawls or cardigans to go over my outfits.

I've been searching for boots, but haven't lucked up on the right pair yet! :( If you find some let me know! I am also looking for leggings/tights, but they have to be the RIGHT ones. I've looked at target, but I may venture to Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe to see what they have!

Becca Christensen said...

Love love love love LOVE!! Hey, can I have that red cardigan? I can't find one anywhere! Ha ha.

You have great taste. Come to Florida and outlet shop with me.


Daisy said...

as always - I love your style!!! This winter I need sweaters!!! I ditched all of my warm clothes when I moved to AUS - now that I'm back - I'm already freezing!!!

Oh and I need closed toe shoes. Grrr....

Jill said...

Cute outfits! Very dressy and classy for work. My work is a bit more casual as I get questioned when I wear a business jacket or a nicer dress lol. But I still wear dress pants, blouses, skirts and cardigans a lot. Tall pants are always a struggle for me, almost all of my work pants are from NY & C! I def. can't afford LV yet, or ever lol.