Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Last Few Months

Hopefully this will give a little insight into where I've been for the last few months.....

In my post here I mentioned that I was going to do some renovations to my condo.  I had a contractor ready to go, estimates were in and I knew exactly what it was going to cost me.  Just before I called the contractor to start, there was a little hiccup in my life and my finances.  I never really talked about this hiccup because I didn't want anyone to "feel sorry for me" and quite frankly it depressed me to even think about it.  

I, a woman who was totally independent, a woman who "lived the life" a lot of 20 somethings dream of, a woman who was financially stable....was let go from my job.  It happened at the end of January.  I kind of, only kind of, knew that it was coming - the company was failing miserably financially, there had been other cut backs & I was happy to not be one of them, but I knew my time was coming. The good thing for me is that I had been on a mad hunt for a job.  When I was let go, I'd previously had 2 interviews with a company (that I was dying to work for) and was waiting on my third and final interview at which time I was advised if they liked me, they would make an offer.  My third interview was a week after I was let go & I landed the job that day!  I was ecstatic, absolutely ecstatic!  Not only did I land a job with a company that I've been wanting to work for for the longest, I got a pretty steep signing bonus for accepting the offer.  My skill set is one they've been looking for since the economy picked up; so the signing bonus was pretty freakin sweet as was my salary offer. 

I started at the new company at the beginning of March, so in all actuality I was without a job from the end of January until the beginning of March, but the break was good.  I got to spend some much needed quality time with my niece, see my friends who I hadn't seen much and get everything straightened out for the renovation.  Since I started the new job, I'm back to traveling every week.  I've been to Chicago, NYC, and a couple of other pretty cool places.  All and all it's been a good, but life changing experience.  

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, I believe that when one door closes another door opens & not only did God know it was time for me to move on, he made sure I had a place to move to.  He works in mysterious ways doesn't He?

Off to bed now - I have an early morning flight to Charlotte - hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning Madness

Rain?! The weather man [or woman] has been predicting rain all weekend and I have yet to see one iota of rain. I would like them to stop lying ASAP! I could have used a good rainy weekend at home, instead it was a hot overly humid weekend. Guess there were some good points of the weekend tho. Office social on Saturday night was outside & didn't get rained out!

Moving on! Today marks my first day on a new project at work. I'm excited and nervous. You never know how clients are going to react to you, or how well you'll mesh [or not mesh] with your new team, so wish me luck. I've met some of the team members before and they all seem really cool, but seeming cool & being cool are two different things right?

Can I just express to yall the new found excitement I have about blogging? I am always at a computer, but I rarely ever have time to blog while I'm working. Plus new job heavily monitors laptop usage - so I try to keep my personal usage to a minimum. I downloaded BlogPress to get around that obstacle. So expect more posts and potentially more craziness from me!

Alright off to the airport! Holla! Happy Monday peeps!

~Ebony Jewel~

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