Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's Hear It For New York!!

Yeah! Yeah! I've been a slacking crappy blogger lately!!  What you should know is that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I'm just busy as all get out with work!  Plus I'm not sure how much this new company monitors my laptop usage, so I try not to read blogs/blog while I'm traveling.  I think know I'm going to start carrying my personal laptop! 

New job is going pretty well...some days I really like it, other days I can't stand the immaturity of some of the people - but that's everywhere you go!  However, the one grand, really super awesome thing I LOVE about the job is FLEEEEEEEX TRIPS!!!!!! 

I've been working in NJ for the past couple of weeks, actually in the middle of "suburbia" where there isn't much to do.  At least I haven't found much to do since I've been there!  I've decided that next week, I'm going to exercise this flex trip option & stay in NYC over the weekend instead of flying home to GA!

If anyone is going to be in the NY, NYC, or NJ area 04/23 - 04/25/10 please let me know! I'd love to meet up with some of my blogger friends!  I fly into EWR on Monday the 19th & will be flying back to GA on the 29th!

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Jill said...

Does your work pay for your hotels and stuff I hope?! The only place I really went to in NJ was Wildwood on the boardwalk :D And to Medieval Times lol