Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning Madness

Rain?! The weather man [or woman] has been predicting rain all weekend and I have yet to see one iota of rain. I would like them to stop lying ASAP! I could have used a good rainy weekend at home, instead it was a hot overly humid weekend. Guess there were some good points of the weekend tho. Office social on Saturday night was outside & didn't get rained out!

Moving on! Today marks my first day on a new project at work. I'm excited and nervous. You never know how clients are going to react to you, or how well you'll mesh [or not mesh] with your new team, so wish me luck. I've met some of the team members before and they all seem really cool, but seeming cool & being cool are two different things right?

Can I just express to yall the new found excitement I have about blogging? I am always at a computer, but I rarely ever have time to blog while I'm working. Plus new job heavily monitors laptop usage - so I try to keep my personal usage to a minimum. I downloaded BlogPress to get around that obstacle. So expect more posts and potentially more craziness from me!

Alright off to the airport! Holla! Happy Monday peeps!

~Ebony Jewel~

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quarter-life lady. said...

You better be blogging more! I missed you!

Soph! said...

missed you too! but thankfully I get your updates through twitter! Iphone apps are SO handy! I have the wordpress app. LOVE that I can blog from anywhere.

Soph! said...

Don't know if I've said this, but I'm digging the layout