Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day Superstitions

Today is the first day of a new year & I'm feeling good!!  For those of you who follow me on Twitter, I've changed my name to CallMeMs_TL! I felt like I needed a new name that had some meaning! :)  Don't be skerd to follow me for all you new folks! I'm fun! LOL

How was your New Year's Eve?  Mine was just scrumptious!  Went to 2 parties - kinda last minute wine tasting party at a friend's house who I haven't had the opportunity to hang out with much because she's been busy moving her life back to the US & GA! I'm so happy she's home!!!  The second was at a long time family friend's house.  Good time, good food, lots of fun, & that was my New Year's Eve!!

NOW! On to what this post is really about - are you superstitious? Are there things you don't do on the 1st day of the year, or the last Friday before the new year?

I'm not totally superstitious, but here are some superstitions that I kinda believe in!
  • Kissing at midnight: Kissing someone at midnight ensures that the affections & ties you have to one another will continue throughout the next 12 months.  (Maybe that's why none of my boyfriends stick around - cause I don't kiss them on NYE; we're always out doing our own thing) LOL
  • Lots of food in the house: Your new year must not start with bare cabinets or else, that's how the rest of your year will be.
  • Nothing goes out: That's right - absolutely nothing, not even garbage is to leave your house today! I mean YOU can leave your house, but don't start throwing away stuff you don't need in your "new years" cleaning - wait until Jan 2nd to do that!
  • Food, good ol southern food: It's common tradition, especially in the southern States of the US to eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for good luck & a green leafy veggie such as collard greens or cabbage for financial good fortune.  For meat, don't eat poultry cause poultry scratches backwards, don't eat beef cause cows stand still, but eat pork because pig roots forward!  So have a pork chop or 2 to go along with your black eyed peas and collards or cabbage!
  • Work: Do some kind of work today & make sure that it's successful even if you don't go near your job.  Only do a small amount of work because engaging in a serious work project on New Years Day is considered unlucky! I've resorted to checking my email & responding to at least 1.
  • Laundry: I've heard so many different variations of this, so I'm not sure which one is true.  I've heard that you never wash clothes on the last Friday of the year, I've also heard that you never wash clothes on New Years Eve, & that you never wash clothes on New Year's Day and the reason is because you will "wash away" a family member from your life. Either way - I didn't wash clothes the last Friday of the year, on New Year's Eve, nor am I washing clothes today. 
So that's all I can think of at the moment.  I'm sure my blogger peeps can probably add more to this list!!

Happy 2010 yall!!!


Krys said...

As you know, we're about to start cooking black eyed peas and collard greens!!!! MMMMMMM. But, we're making fried chicken instead of pork. Mostly bc I hate pork. ;)


michelle said...

LOL my roommate is washing and drying clothes (washed last night) at this very second. although, i don't know if he'll care; his family isn't terribly close to begin with...

i'm a little bit sad that i won't be around for new years dinner. i HATE black eyed peas and collard greens, but my complaints about them are just as much a part of the tradition of eating them :p

The Ashes said...

Ooo... We took the trash out earlier... Oops

Ebony Jewel said...

@Krys - I miss you in the bloggie world!! Starting again in 2010 I hope?

@Michelle - Aw c'mon, you gotta have dinner somewhere! I love black eyed peas - not a big fan of collards or cabbage, but I'm going to stick to tradition.

@The Ashes - I bet everything will be's just a superstition. You know...some days I believe, other days I don't - kinda like my horoscope! LOL