Sunday, January 31, 2010

Who Doesn't Love Me...Um, I Mean Blog Awards! ;)

So I know I've been a bit MIA lately, but I have a good reason for that!! No spoilers yet - will tell you once I receive what hopefully will be good great news!!

In the mean time, I must accept three awesome blog awards from the lovely Jill over at Life After College.  She's fantastic & so is her blog, so make sure you stop by and show her some love or I'll be very disappointed in you!

Here are the three awards & below are the rules!



Accept the award (duh!) LOL
Post the award on your blog & link back to the person who nominated you
Pass to award to up to 15 bloggers
Don't forget to tell your blogger friends that you've nominated them

I will give the award to 5 bloggers - gotta make this short today - loads of cleaning to do! So here are my nominations:
  1. Pinkie Larue 
  2. So Scared Of Getting Older I'm Only Good At Being Young 
  3. Desultory Diversions 
  4. Kizzy Online 
  5. MK In Wonderland 
Alright! Off to read some blogs then do some laundry & clean my carpets!


MK said...

you're so sweet! i have SO much catching up to do (i try to do it as much as possible when i can steal my roommates computer for a bit). hope all is well <3

Soph! said...

yaaaaay!!! Thanks girly! Can't wait to hear the newwwws!

Becca Christensen said...

You're so kind. Thank you! Excited to hear more about your news.

Daisy said...

you definitely deserve the awards :) I look forward to you posting more xo