Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Renovations

Some of yall follow me on Twitter & know that I've been talking a lot lately about doing some work on my house. 

I'm planning on putting down engineered hardwood flooring in my living room and tile in my kitchen and bathroom.  A lot of people ask why I'm going with engineered hardwood floors & not real hardwood and here's the uncomplicated short answer.  My condo is built on a concrete slab, in order to put down real hardwood floors on a concrete slab my contractor would have to build a wood sub floor which would inevitably increase the height of the flooring and cause problems with opening my front door.  So the next best choice is engineered hardwood flooring. 

I went to Lumber Liquidators yesterday & found exactly what I wanted!! Here's a picture of the flooring that I plan to buy!  Sadly it out of stock until mid March, but that's alright!! I can get my kitchen & bath done in the mean time!

Warm Cognac Curupay:

As I mentioned above, I will be putting tile kitchen & bath.  Here are the two tiles that I've been debating about from my favorite (sarcasm) home improvement store Lowe's.  **If I've never said this before, I hate Lowe's - long story.**

Which do you like better???



So far my friends & family like option A, but let me know what yall think!!  Alright gotta run now - going shopping with my mom in a bit to buy some new outfits for work! It's official - 11 more days till I start the new job!  Stay tuned for pictures of my new outfits!


Angela said...

I really like A, and it's actually pretty close to what I have in my bathroom!

As for your choice in hardwood flooring, I loooove the color!

quarter-life lady. said...

I like A as well. Good choices!

tidbitsfrommymind said...

oo i'm loving the wood flooring you're going to get. once i have some extra $, i want to put engineered wood down in my basement and in my 3 bedrooms. are you planning on installing it yourself???

as for the tile, i'm going to be different and pick B! ;)

Becca Christensen said...

I have lament floors in my condo for the same reason but honestly, I love them. They're great. And they're well installed so they don't look cheap or fake.

Great choicses. You already know from Twitter I picked A.


Kizzy-online said...

I like option A too!

And the floor is gorgeous! Very classy.

michelle said...

LOVE the hardwood color. it's so warm :)

my vote is totally A. i think it has more character

Ebony Jewel said...

@Angela - I am going with A! I love it!!

@QLL - I think A is the fave of nearly everyone!

@tidbitsfrommymind - definitely not doing this myself!! My dad's friend is a general contractor and he's going to do the work for me.

@Becca - I thought about laminate flooring, but then changed my mind, because I couldn't find the color I wanted.

@Kizzy - Thanks! Everyone loves A! LOL

@Michelle - I'm going for the warm look, I love the hardwood color!