Friday, February 26, 2010

Relaxing Before My First 5K

No crazy drinking binges, no partying with friends - that's right...tonight I'm staying in & relaxing.  Totally un 20 somethingesque huh?

Well there's a good reason for my laziness!  Tomorrow morning I am participating in my first ever 5K sponsored by a local orthopedic doctor's office. This run is not for a charity, but it's being held to increase awareness of becoming a more physically active community.  I have convinced 2 of my besties to run with me and although we don't think we will be able to run the entire way, we're going to give it our best shot! 

Today after picking my up registration packet, I drove the route that we will be walking/running.  It didn't look too bad minus the three hills that I saw. 

Wish me luck, pray that I don't puke everywhere or get some insane leg cramps.  This isn't my first time running nor my first time running 3.1 miles - I run quite a bit on my own, but this is my first organized race.  I hope this is the start of something great, I hope that tomorrow I meet more amazing people who are interested in participating in other charity races!

So here's to a night of relaxing & mentally preparing for tomorrow's insanity!

X's & O's!


Soph! said...

woohoo! Imagine me cheering you from the side! YOU CAN DO IT! I know you'll do great.

Kizzy-online said...

And imagine me next to Sophia cheering ever harder!!! Go go go!! ;-)

Kizzy-online said...


Stevie said...

Good luck! You will love it. The energy you'll feel from everyone around you is SO awesome. You'll be so pumped with adrenaline that the race will seem like nothin'. Have fun!!!

I'm not much of a runner, but I decided to a half-marathon this June. Gulp.

Mel said...

No matter your time, you will feel AWESOME when you're done!

And sore, maybe. :)

Amanda said...

Have FUN and good luck!

michelle said...

i'll be cheering you on in spirit. have fun :D

tidbitsfrommymind said...

you'll have finished by the time you get this... hope it went FABULOUS!!!!! :) can't wait to do my first in april!

Becca Christensen said...

Yay! Get it girl!


Ebony Jewel said...

@Soph! - thanks for the encouragement. I had a great time!

@Kizzy-online - Both of yall totally should have been there! LOL

@Stevie - Wow a half marathon!! Go you!

@Mel - OMG I felt beyond awesome when I got to the finish line!

@Amanda - Fun was an understatement!

@Michelle - Next time you'll be right there by my side huh? :)

@tidbitsfrommymind - Yay for doing your first 5K in April - I'm sure you'll do fabulous!

@Becca - Girl it was great! Absolutely great!!!

Kate said...

Good luck!!

Ps, I just gave you a blog award because, shucks, I think you deserve it. Here's the post.

Jill said...

How did it go?! I bet you did great :)

I just gave you an award on my blog: