Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowpocalypse in GA & My Lovely Blog Award

First I'll tell you about all the wonderful weather that hit GA today - we got SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! LOL Now - as many of you know, I travel a lot, I see snow all the time, BUT it's rare that I see snow in my hometown.  It's rare that we see snow in South GA at all, but we got loads of snow today!! So here are some of the snowpocalypse pictures!

Here I am driving to get some gas so I can take my BFF a ice scraper for her car! She had to work & doesn't get off till 9 something, so I thought it would be nice to deliver an ice scraper to her!

Driving to Papa John's to pick up our dinner for the night - who woulda thunk that Papa John's would stop delivering due to snow?!  

This is what our house looked like after about an hour or so of snow!  Isn't it lovely?  I wish I could have taken a picture of the people in the field across the street that were pulling kids on sleds with their 4 wheelers!
Alright - enough with the snowpocalypse pictures & on to my blog award!!

I have received the Sunshine Award from love Ms. Michelle over at Desultory Diversions!  I love her! YOU should follow her blog & follow her on Twitter!! Michelle I hope you don't mind my pimping you out! ;)


I have to play along with the award game so here are the rules & my fellow nominees you better follow the rules too!!
1. Put the award on your blog (on the sidebar or in one of your posts)
2. Pass it on to 6 fellow bloggers and let them konw they have received it
3. Share the love & provide a link back to the person from whom you've received it
4. Bask in the warm sunshine of your new found fame (I usually bask in my own sunshine cause I'm just hot like that, but I like blog awards too lol)

Now!! On to my 6 fellow bloggers!!

Now - I'm off to let everyone know about their award!!


michelle said...

hahaha i love being pimped out!

i was shocked by the amount of snow that MD/VA had over the last week. and im still shocked bc the southern states got hit, too! where will i escape to if there is snow everywhere?! lol

Angela said...

Apparently Georgia didn't want to be left out of the snowpocalypse!

Thanks for the award :)

Niks La Mode. said...

we got about almost 40 inches combined this week no good! :( hahaha to papa johns!

The Ashes said...

Thank you so much! I love awards!!!

And Im jealous that you got snow. We have no snow on the ground... In Maine!!!

Laura said...

Aww thanks for the award lady!

Can you believe.. i live near Toronto, Ontario.. CANADA! and we've barely had any snow all winter!! i've literally only had to shovel 2 times all winter soo far. all that is left now is 2 tiny piles beside my driveway and the rest is grass! it's pretty funny how the US seems to be getting it all this year. i'm enjoying it!! :) *knock on wood hoping i didn't just jinx myself!*

Jill said...

THank you so much! :D You're the best and bring sunshine to my blog world.
I will post this soon.

wow snow in georgia?! Who would have thunk it?!