Thursday, March 4, 2010

Child Directs Plane At JFK...INSANE

I'm sure everyone has heard about this on the news, read about it in the local paper or even on the internet.  BUT if not, here's a little glimpse of the kid who was taken to work by his father calling the shots for many plans that departed and landed at JFK.

Now here's my point of view - it's 2010.  Too much shit has happened in the world, please recall 9/11/2001 (we will never forget), the Air France flight that suddenly disappeared (not sure it was terrorist related, but still very tragic) how about the Christmas/Delta attempted bombing (thank goodness this fool wasn't successful).  A lot of people are saying it's really not that big of a deal.  I wholeheartedly disagree!!  JFK is one of the nations busiest airports, the behavior of the father AND the supervisor should be closely scrutinized - honestly both should be fired.  We all know that kids rarely listen to the directions of their parents, kids don't understand the consequences of their actions either.  What would have happened if this child told a pilot to take off from the WRONG runway or to even land on the wrong runway?  Mass casualties - that could have been the result. 

Take this comment from someone who is on a plane 2-3 times a week - the actions and behaviors of those who work in ATC should NOT be taken lightly.  Here's a picture from US AIR TRAFFIC FOR TODAY AT 10:59 AM.  DO YOU SEE HOW MANY PLANES ARE IN THE AIR IN THE US AT ONE TIME?!

So for all you people who think oh - it's no big deal - you're WRONG!  Imagine the number of people on each flight & multiply it by each dot you see in that picture & the number of casualties (cause by a slip up by some idiot dumb fuck who decided to let their child direct air traffic) would be so large and devastating!  I'm just sayin - this is not something that should be taken lightly.  One misstep and lives could unnecessarily have been lost.  I fly a lot...I don't want my life in the hands of some careless child.

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