Monday, September 7, 2009

On My Mind!

Many many things – so I’ll just start at the top of the list:

Work – I’m thinking about my career of choice again! I previously blogged about my career frustrations right. Well it’s on my mind again, but this time in a different sense. I’m happy to be a part of the consulting industry, I’m happy to have the industry knowledge & consulting experience that I do have, but I’m not satisfied. I’ve always been a person that wants to take on more because keeping myself busy & pushing myself to the limit is such an exhilarating challenge for me. I am starting to recognize what I want; now I need to create a plan to achieve it! I want to own something, a product, preferably a software product. I want to be the person responsible for researching the needs of the industry in order to document, design, and market the product. I want to work with a group of both business and technical individuals focused on the development & implementation of the product. I’d like to be responsible for setting up the product roadmap & ensuring that product milestones are reached. In essence, I want to be a product manager. How I get to that position, I don’t know yet. I have a job (that I love BTW), but see no potential for advancement. (A while ago I did, I felt like something good was in the works, however; someone put a stop to that quickly & that someone will forever be a roadblock.)

Apartment Living – For the record, I will be so damn happy when I move out of this apartment & back into my house! #1 – I’ll be saving a shed load of money because my mortgage is much lower than my rent! #2 – I’ll finally be back in a place that was once home & that I can call my own! #3 – I can avoid most nosy neighbor prying questions because my neighbors at my house already know me! #4 – I can do all of the painting, decorating, renovating that I want to & no one can say a thing about it! #5 – Overall my bills will be much less! The apartment & house thing is a long story; I’ll save that for never. Just know that when I move back into my house, I will be a much happier person!

Friends – They come & go right? Some people are in our lives for a reason. They are there to help us through difficult times, provide guidance & support mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. They may seem like a godsend & most of the time, they are. Others come into our lives for a season. They may only be there for a short period of time based on their premeditated agendas; sometimes they have motives that we wouldn’t necessarily condone. I’m starting to realize that I have some seasonal friends & it’s time to get rid of them because the season is changing for me! I don’t need friends who are around only when they need something, or friends who only want to talk to you when they have a problem, yet your problems are too miniscule for them to be bothered with, or friends who only want to be your friend when they can’t find a man to sleep with! I can honestly say that in my late 20s it’s been really hard for me to connect with other women my age. I find that lots of women my age aren’t women, they’re still girls – trying to “find themselves” in the club every weekend, making poor financial decisions, making poor decisions period. It’s honestly sad because I’d love to meet new people, but I’ve been tainted by some pretty unstable folks! Some of my “old friends” say I’ve become stuck up and snotty. I tend to disagree with them! I think I’ve matured, I’ve moved on past the games that they’re still playing. I have a career, not a job, a career & I’m partially in love with it. I’m no snot, I’m just growing up – isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing? I hope I don’t have it all wrong!

Now that I’ve shared, I’ll ask – what’s on your mind?

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MK said...

I'm constantly unsatisfied with my career, I think because I push myself so hard. I think a lot of it is our generation, we multitask to the point that we've done everything and want more, in a lot of aspects, not just literally. Just started following your blog, so I have some catching up to do :)