Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You Better Shop Around

So I'm always trying to find cute clothes for work.  I have this horrible shopping obsession....or either I'm just so narcissistic that I must buy a whole bunch of clothes and think know that I look great in them! 
Most of the time I shop at places like NY&CO, J. Crew, Banana Republic, GAP, and Macy's.  Since I've lost 32 pounds, I've been trying to find items that compliment my slimmer figure & found the perfect dress in Macy's.  It was a red sweater dress with a black belt around the waist.  I wanted it soooooooooooooooooooo freakin bad, but the dress was $89 & I thought that was a bit much for a sweater dress.  My mother, lovely lady she is, suggested that we check TJ Maxx and Ross just to see what they have & I'll be damned if her idea wasn't just freakin fantastic!

I ended up purchasing 4 dresses for $100, compared to $89 + tax for 1 dress at Macy's!

So here they are!!

Dress #1 - It's simple, but unfortunately not fitted.  So I've decided to find a cute belt to go around the waist & then wear with either knee high boots or heels.

Dress #2 - By Roulette, it looks a bit like a shirt and a skirt, but it's really a dress.  The top part is floral silk & has ruffles around the buttons. It's super cute & looks great on!

Dress #3 - Not sure who the designer is on this one, but it's so lovely! I bought some knee high boots to go with it; I've decided to bring the dress with me to work this week.  I'm wearing it with stack brown heels.  The dress is low cute in the front & back - LOVE IT!

Dress #4 - Evan Picone; So this is my classic black dress; it's simple, rouched around the stomach & a bit low cut, but who doesn't like to show a little cleavage? :)

So um - enjoy these pictures & have a wonderful Tuesday!


Becca Christensen said...

I'm a total slut for TJMaxx!

I love the first dress and I have an Evan Picone similar to the last dress on your entry.

Great work!

I got a great Italian leather Abro lag at Tj's this weekend. : ]

You're fab.

Jules said...

Wow...looks like you got some real bargains! All your dresses are cute, but I especially love no 2! It really makes me want to go shopping now :-)

Short White Coat Notes said...

I love #1!

MK said...

32 pounds, thats great!! Congrats! :)

Daisy said...

I heart your style big time. Those dresses - ALL of them - are SO great! Oh how I miss US fashion - lol - a "great" dress here is floppy, weird, layered and usually made of jersey knit. I've purchased a couple "trendy" dresses here but I refuse to stock up because I know I'll NEVER be able to wear them back home!!