Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Best For Me To Remain Single Until....

I know I’m been slacking lately by not posting, but man I’ve had a LOT going on!

I had to travel last week for work – Monday of last week was I swear the longest day of my life! Although I slept on my flights, my sleep wasn’t peaceful, so by the time I got to the office on Monday I was beat! Then Thursday was just as bad coming home! Anyways – we’re off to the start of a brand new week & that’s semi exciting for me!

My bad date from over the weekend called me to see if we could get together again. I think he’s lost his damn mind. I was pretty clear that there would be no more get togethers.

I went out on a second date with a guy who seems really nice – we’ll call him E, but boy is he clingy & I don’t like clingy guys. We had been talking on the phone during the week & finally met on Saturday night, now he’s been calling & texting me a million times a day. He needs to AT LEAST act like he has a life! I’m starting to think that I should stop looking – it’s pointless right now! I’m a very busy person, besides traveling for work & working 10-12 hours a day, I’m in the process of doing some renovations on the condo that I own, in the process of packing up the apartment that I live in so I can move back into the condo after the renovations are done, and I also like to save a bit of free time for myself. I’m so easily annoyed by things as well, like terrible grammar. I realize that I’m not perfect & I’m willing to accept that others are not perfect, but please please please proofread your text messages and/or emails before you send them to me.

E is very sweet, but he has TERRIBLE grammar in texts, on the phone, and in person. THAT DRIVES ME INSANE, absolutely insane! I can’t stand it. I know that sometimes when we text, tweet, email or WHATEVER, we abbreviate, but abbreviations are no excuse for poor grammar.

Here are some examples – just a FYI guys – these are a NO NO!

“I want say nothing about it again”

English:“I WON’T say anything about it again OR I WON’T say anything else about it.”

“Okay call me when settle”

English: I have no idea so I won’t even try to translate that!

And as I’m blogging I just got a text from E that says “R u every (possible text mistake) going to stop traveling so much for work cause I won’t never (you have got to be kidding me?!) get to see you.”

I just put my phone down. I’ve decided it is best not to respond to his text message. My likely response wouldn’t be nice, so saying nothing at all is much better right?! (I need a job mofo – I doubt I’ll stop traveling any time soon, my job is fun, challenging, interesting, and it pays well. Until I went the lotto or marry a filthy rich man I’ll continue to travel!)

Yes…it’s best for me to remain single until I find someone who understands my career & my desire to grow professionally.


Miss T said...

So i assume E is neither rude nor fugly then? Grammar and Punctuation aside, do you like him? Enjoy his company?

Becca Christensen said...

First off, he shouldn't be concerned about you stopping traveling to spend time with him already - it's only been one freakin date.

Secondly, I agree. When you're a self-motivated, ambitious young lady it is hard to find a man who can keep up and hack it. Where are all the MEN? I mean real men, not boys. I don't have time to raise a boyfriend. : ]


Daisy said...

Did you put "until I went the lotto" in the last sentence on purpose? Because that's hella funny if you did. :)

Being single isn't SO bad. ;) But then again - I am single and therefore biased!! :) I don't know how much I believe in fate or destiny but I do think that when the time is right we meet the people we need to meet. And until then? We focus on being the best people we can be - which you are already doing that. :)

Jill said...

LOL grammar skills are important in a potential mate :)