Monday, September 21, 2009

Traveling Girls Guide – What Makes My Life In The Air Easier!

As many of you know I’m on the road or really in the air a lot! I have flown over 100K miles in 2008 & 2009. Along the way I’ve found some tips, tricks, and items that make my weekly travel almost stress free!

Apple iPhone & Bose earbuds - 2 items I’d be lost without!!

My iPhone holds all of my contacts, emails, travel plans, music, notes, voice memos, pictures, videos; I’d be lost without it. I’ve talked a couple of times about my iPhone, but I wanted to mention some apps that make my travel life much easier as well.
Tripit – tripit is a service that aggregates all of your travel itineraries. Simply make your reservations & forward the email to & they organize everything for you in one spot!
Lose it! – Lose it helps me keep track of my diet and exercise while I’m on the road. I find that it’s pretty hard to eat healthy when you’re traveling 3-4 days a week, so I use lose it to track calories & exercise!
TweetDeck – Yep, for iPhone so you can listen to me rant!
Nike+ iPod – Cause I’m a running gal!
Twisty Lite – Because I’m always bored on the plane, Twisty Lite is a great game to play

Moving on!

Bottled Water, Crystal Light, & Benefiber

You can never go wrong with Vasa (cause that’s what they sell in the airport besides Fiji) water! Plus water keeps me hydrated while tearing through the airport like a mad woman! When I need a little flavor for my water, I call on Crystal Light; my favorites are raspberry, strawberry, and lemonade! I also use 1 pack of benefiber a day. Terrible topic to discuss & some people hate to discuss it, but I have found that sometimes traveling & being in different hotels can cause irregularity. I don’t have that problem at home, so I think it has something to do with my travel! So I take benefiber with me every time I hit the road!

1 Quart Bag With 3oz Liquids

Cause TSA says I have to & I freakin hate it! So inside of my little baggie I have a couple of things. I don’t wear makeup, so this is a bit easier for me. Inside of my 1 quart bag I have a ton of stuff, stuff that I need for everyday use: deodorant, mini VS body spray, mini VS lotion, mini Vaseline, mini colgate, mini VS perfume, mini dove hairspray, dove face moisturizer, hydrocortisone (because I break out from EVERYTHING) & finally mascara!

Colgate Wisp & Gum

If I’m awake on a flight, I definitely need a piece of gum or two to stop my ears from popping. Of course they still pop, but not as bad when I’m chewing gum. PLUS who doesn’t love fresh breath? And the gum comes in handy when your flight mate (usually a random stranger) wants to talk a bunch & you don’t want to smell their bad breath!  Now the Colgate Wisp; after I eat anything I like to brush my teeth & make sure I don’t have any food in my teeth. You’ll find me in the airport bathroom after I eat something making sure my teeth are cleaned! No water needed, just brush away, smile, and discard the remains. Quite simple actually!

Victorinox Swiss Army Laptop Bag

Every business traveler has a laptop bag. Some people have shoulder bags, some have backpacks, and others have rolling laptop bags like I have. I prefer rolling laptop bags, I can latch it to the stop of my carry on bag & keep it moving! I don’t like backpacks cause they wrinkle my clothes. I do have a Coach laptop bag; it’s actually a Coach baby bag that I use as a laptop bag, but it doesn’t hold enough stuff, so I stopped carrying it! My Swiss laptop bag is perfect, it has several compartments for notebooks, my handy dandy planner, 2 magazines, my laptop & all of my PC accessories, PLUS an overnight compartment for a change of clothes.

Planner & Little Black Book

So many of you have already gotten a sneak peak at my Coach planner, it’s a beauty! My girl Becca recommended that I get one & I got one! You don’t have to buy a Coach planner, but everyone needs a planner! This will help me keep my life or whatever organized! Now when someone says “little black book” people automatically think of some little black book with a bunch of phone numbers. That’s not exactly how I use my little black book. My little black book is one that I purchased from Target (aka tar-jay in my world) & it’s used for me to keep up with my tasks that need to be completed. Outside of each task I do the following [ ] task name. If I complete a task, I put a check in the box, if a task is no longer needed I put an x in the box, and if I don’t complete a task, I put BF for bring forward. Laugh all you want at my method of organization; but this little black book has saved my ass on many occasions!

Let’s quickly address business attire & I swear I’ll be finished! :)

I pack light, extremely light! I pick one color for the week: black or brown & stick with that color. That means one color heels, one color flip flops, one color purse, and always my running shoes. NEVER ANY MORE, never any less! Since my travel days are Monday & Thursday, I wear a comfy, neutral color dress pant on Monday & a cute shirt & wear those same pants on Thursday (with a different shirt of course!). Tuesday is usually a skirt & cute shirt, Wednesday a pair of pants & a cute shirt. I also bring a 2 pairs of shorts & 2 t-shirts. One set for working out in & one set for sleeping in. All of this I shove into a 19” roller board suitcase & carry on the plane! So here are some of my outfits from last week!



Becca Christensen said...

I'm so glad this is up! I've been anxiously awaiting this post. And it is GREAT. I'm glad you love your Coach planner and I love my little black book you recommended. : ] You are fab.


Daisy said...

omgosh - SO LOVE THIS LIST!!! I like your style too!! and seriously - how jealous am I of your no-make-up beauty?? TONS!! :) my MINIMUM mascara too but in my little baggie I usually add lipgloss and a bronze pad (which does eyes and cheeks.) lol. LUV my make-up!! :)