Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Awkward Run-in With The Ex

I had a moment today, a moment that I've dreaded for a long time!  I ran into my ex boyfriend and his wife at the gas station today.  I have not blogged about my ex much because he is such a thing of the past, why rehash the past when the present and future is so much brighter? I won't go into much detail, but I caught my ex cheating on me with the woman he's married to now.  On the outside, I stayed strong and didn't flinch to him, but on the inside it killed me.  I thought that what we had would actually last, I was different from every other woman he had been with.  I was a "good" girl compared to all of his other bad girls. I should have known then that he wouldn't appreciate a nice, hard working, educated woman like myself.  I should have known that once a dog always a dog, but I thought I could change him. (Never again!)

So anyways, I pulled up to the gas pump, got my debit card out, slid my card and started pumping my gas. I was in my own world actually, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance was on XM, I was singing lowly & dancing at the pump when I looked up and first saw her get out of the car to go pay for their gas.  That didn't stop me from singing and dancing to myself though!  Then the ex gets out of the car, looks over and says, damn you ride like that now?  I looked at him & said in the most sarcastic bitch voice ever yes I do, this is what success looks like.  Do you know what his response was? OMG I wanted to punch him when he said this..."the wife is pregnant again." I just looked at him....amazed.  I said oh that's great, now more of my tax dollars will go towards taking care of your 5 kids, but I'd rather it be my tax dollars than my whole pay check.  He didn't say a word because by that time, "the wife" was walking back to the car scowling at me.  I finished pumping my gas, looked at him & said now watch success as it drives away.  To that I got no response, I got in my car, turned up my music and drove off.

He text me about 10 minutes ago to ask why I can't just be cordial with him.  Why should I be cordial? We have no ties to each other, damn sure don't have any kids together, our families aren't close, we aren't close, as far as I'm concerned he doesn't exist, so why should we be cordial? Clearly he's an idiot! I'm not going to be his chick on the side - he has his "catch" and trust me she's definitely not a catch.  She's 27, unemployed, uneducated, and pregnant again.  Coming from her mouth - she doesn't have to work or go to school because her man makes sure she has everything she needs, plus going to school, working, and being a mom is just too much work.

Did I mention that she was a catch? ;)


quarter-life lady. said...

Hahah! I love everything about that story. I bet that felt DAMN good!

Tiffany said...

Good for you! I wouldnt be nice to him either... If my ex got that close to me I would probably run over him. LOL... No Joke!

If he texted me and asked that I would say Why can't you just leave me alone & stop texting?

Becca Christensen said...

Get it girl.

Love this post. Good for you. I have a similar type situation. I didn't get cheated on but I did have to break up with a guy who was treating my horribly. Now I'm 24 with a career, a car, and buying my first condo while he lives at home, works in deliveries (to gas stations), etc. We're better off, you and I. : ]


Laura said...

What a great story!!
Good for you for saying what you did!! I have yet to have a run-in with the Ex and dread the very thought of it actually! We were engaged and he cheated. He's still with the woman he cheated on my with and she's the same sort of "catch".

michelle said...

i wish i had your resiliency. granted, my exes arent cheaters (just idiots), but i wouldnt know what to do/say if we crossed paths again randomly... i guess it's a good thing i date guys who live an hour away with no reason to be "in the neighborhood" :)

Ebony Jewel said...

@quarter-life lady oh it felt wonderful, trust me! I felt on top of the freakin world!

@Tiffany - I have asked him to leave me alone & he did for a while, but he resurfaces every now & again. It's really annoying!

@Becca Christensen isn't karma something else? These stupid boys don't get it & they're all boys as far as I'm concerned, not men!

@Laura your ex, just like my ex, will look back & realize what kind of mistake they made!

@michelle I wasn't always this resilient, but I know that he is a dog, he won't change. I also have comfort in knowing that she got him while he was cheating, so he's ultimately going to cheat on her (again)!

Daisy said...

oh snap! you have some fast reactions! I would have never even thought to say to him what you said.

I think I need a little more backbone.

Jill said...