Sunday, November 8, 2009

Remember That Job Offer?

Remember the job interview that I had & the job offer that I received? Remember me saying that $75K just wasn’t enough? Well, the company upped the ante & extended an offer of $80K to me. All sounds great huh? Yep it does, people would kill to have that kind of salary & so would I! I started looking for a job a few months ago because I felt like the position that I’m in with my current employer would never change. I also felt like I would never receive more compensation for all for all of the hard work that I put in.

I had a conversation with some of my superiors regarding the offer that received from a competitor, advised that I was considering taking the offer because I felt like the opportunity for advancement was inexistent, but wanted to know if they felt there were other opportunities for me with the company. There was some initial discussion of the fact that I had signed an agreement called a non-compete which prohibits me from working for a competitor, but I know those are loosely enforced! Honestly, I didn’t want to leave, I didn’t want to start all over – my job is pretty lax, everyone is easy going & I am so scared that the next consulting firm might not be the same. 1 week later there was another discussion surrounding moving me to another area of the business, something I had asked for previously, but was told no.

Needless to say, I think my current employer realizes the value of some, maybe not all employees, and has made me an offer that I cannot resist! I’ve been looking to move into the sales & marketing side of the business for a while & I’m finally getting the opportunity. This time it’s real! There was talk of this a few months ago, but now it’s real. I’m excited! There will be a ton of work I’m sure, some that I will probably love & some that I will hate, but I’m ready to embrace it with open arms. I like the sales/marketing side of things. I like meeting new people, finding out how business run & how our products can help companies improve their processes and performance, & I like doing product demos. I have a lot to learn though, I’ve done a few demos, but never seen a sales cycle from beginning to end. I’m unseasoned, untrained, totally new, but I’m like a sponge, ready & willing to soak up every bit of information that I can! I’m ready for the challenge, it starts in 2010! 2010 will be a great year! I look forward to blogging about that journey!

Oh! And on a side note!!! I caught up with an old fling over the weekend. We ran into each other at the bank. Now when I say an old fling, I mean like freshman year (2001) of college old fling! We’re going to get together next weekend…I hope he’s still as cool as he used to be!


Soph! said...

omg! congratulations! You got it, because you deserve it! :D

Daisy said...

YAY!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! This is exciting! If I were around I'd say we should go out and celebrate :) but I'm sure you're already doing plenty of that. :)

Can't wait to read about your upcoming year. 2010 is going to be GREAT! :)