Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning Madness

I'm sitting in the Atlanta airport now as I write this blog post.  Loads on my mind this morning, but the most important thing at this point is the fact that I've completely and totally blown my diet - yep! I overate at Thanksgiving, overate this weekend, I'm overeating now - having a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte & a danish.  This all ends now though; when I finish this danish & coffee I'm getting back on track.  I worked too hard to get down to 150 & I'm not going to let 1 silly holiday ruin it.  (Now Christmas may be a different story)

I'm going to commit to running 3 miles Monday - Wednesday, because I can definitely do that! Hopefully I'm not dead tired after work. I'm going to commit to eating healthy this week while I travel, fruit and yogurt for breakfast, subway for lunch, & who knows what for dinner.  Clearly I am on the only person who's in control of my life & my weight, so I need to make better choices right?!

Happy Monday!


Kate said...

Ah, don't stress over weight, I'm sure you look just fine! I mean, if you want to eat healthier, don't go cold turkey, that's they easiest way to get derailed. Start by just substituting some of the worst offenders, say, have a coffee with milk instead of a latte full of sugar and fatty stuff. And yes, lots of fruit and veg!

Soph! said...

I need some of your weight loss tips. Since I moved back from Europe I've gained like 17 pounds! Im sure its a combination of American foods that I cant get enough of and not being active. Any tips? Were you always a runner or did you just start from scratch? How did you work your way up to 3 miles!?

I used to run cross country in jr.high/high school/freshman year of college, but that was srsly about 60 pounds ago and 6 years ago! (omg 10 pounds a year!)

michelle said...

at least you enjoyed the delicious eats :) ive eaten a ton too, and enjoyed every bite. ive got my fingers crossed on not gaining this week :p

good luck to you! :D

Ebony Jewel said...

@Kate - I was totally stressing this morning, but I went for a run tonight & feel so much better! I had a coffee after dinner with non fat milk - not too bad actually. Thanks for the tip!

@Soph! - My weight loss tips start with visit your OB/GYN and complain profusely about your weight! LOL - that was how I started. My doctor wrote me a RX for phentermine, an appetite suppressant. I vowed that I would do at least 30 minutes of cardio each day, eat breakfast every morning, eat healthy snacks, and completely cut out soda. I've been doing this weight loss thing since June & have managed to lose and keep off about 30 pounds. Stay tuned, I'm going to blog about it!

@Michelle - I think I over enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner & the left overs, but hey...that's okay. We only live once right? I'll just have to work out extra hard this week.