Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blind Date What?!

I agreed to go on 2 blind dates this weekend – one tonight (Friday) & one either on Saturday or Sunday, the 2nd date is not confirmed because I have other plans on Saturday.

Tonight’s date was a disaster. My friend thought this guy was cute & I thought he was FUUUUUUGLY! Not only was he note cute, he was rude, had bad body language, poor grammar, and horrible dining manners lol. Who the hell rates guys on all this stuff? No one other than me! We met up at a local restaurant, restaurant of my choice actually. When I arrived his first comment was wow you really are smokin. I just smiled, but wanted to punch him in the eye. Thanks for the compliment, but could you say it with a little more class? We didn’t really have anything in common (and I was annoyed by his “compliment”) so when we finally got our table, there was like an awkward silence. When our waiter came to the table, dude didn’t even wait for the waiter to ask what we wanted to drink, instead he says um can you hurry up & bring me a coke. FAILURE! The entire date! I matter of factly (soooo not a real word the alcohol made me type it) advised him that we wouldn’t be seeing each other again because of his rude behavior. Then I called up my friend & asked her what the hell she was thinking along with a few other cuss words! I hope date 2 goes better than date 1!

Date 2 has potential, he went to a great college where he played football. He has a career doing what he loves, he sounds intelligent, from pictures he’s pretty good looking, & our conversations have been interesting. No true dull moments yet with date #2 over the phone – so maybe he won’t be so bad!

Anyways! I’ll blog more tomorrow – got some other stuff on my mind, but I’m too tired to post more, MUST GET SLEEP & GO RUNNING IN THE MORNING!

Later taters!


Psych Babbler said...

Ouch! I don't think you are the only one that rates guys on those criteria! Good luck with Blind date 2!!

Daisy said...

I rate guys on ALL of those things. And maybe a few extra superficial ones too (AGH!) I know - it's horrible - but first impressions are first impressions. :)

Seriously though - the bad grammar thing - that's a HELL NO for me. I kinda rate on spelling too ... and how well read they are ... and yeah ... I know it's bad and I DO make exceptions :) but as I get older I find my list is growing longer and my willingness to make exceptions is diminishing. - That's not good.