Monday, December 14, 2009

14. I'm Stuck In The Airport - Why Not Blog

Yours truly - blogging from Washington Dulles Airport! Yep! Working/blogging from IAD because I missed my connection to my "final destination." ;)  We had some crap weather in Atlanta this morning - extremely foggy, so loads of flights were delayed and/or canceled.  Typical Monday!

And Monday it is - MUUUUUUUUUUSIC Monday!  I figure I'll share with you what I'm listening to & I suggest you go get it or at least download it!

 There are 14 tracks on Alicia Key's new cd & every single one of them is good! There isn't one that I would skip!  Yes, listen for yourself! I promise, it's good.

See...I'm all about sharing! Sharing is caring! ;)

Have a happy Monday lovelies!  Now back to work for me....people are counting on me & I have tons of meetings this week, bla!


Jill said...

Oh no i'm sorry u got stuck in the airport! I once was for 6 hours - no fun!
Have a good, busy week! I don't enjoy mondays.

michelle said...

i HATE being trapped at the airport. i used to have amazing flight luck, and then last year started my downfall. i hope, by now, you've made it out of dc!

Niks La Mode. said...

Sorry u r stuck at the airport! I hate Dulles!! lol...

I might chec the album out am debating on if i should buy a new ipod or just get a new shufle am not sure I need ipods that much , as I love listening to music in my car but then I could connect my ipod to my car so hey :)

I will have hv an anser for you tonite!

Daisy said...

Thanks for the tip!! I'll go check it out. :) and btw you're a really cute aunt!!!