Sunday, December 6, 2009

6. My Productive Sunday

Well it started off productive! I took some of Suze Orman’s tips & organized my credit cards into a spreadsheet by highest interest rate because obviously that is the card I need to pay off first. I looked at balance transfer options too & decided that I will be transferring the card with the highest interest rate to a card that I have that only carries a 6% interest rate.

Then I organized my Christmas presents, just to be sure that I have everyone covered! I don’t! So I still have a bit more shopping to do for “the kids,” not my kids, but the kids in the family! THEN! The big thing that I did today was painted the trim in my kitchen & hallway. I’ve got a bit to go, but at least I got started!

Now I’m sitting on my butt watching tv & thinking I still need to clean up this mess I made in the living room! Might oughtta do that now because I’m going to be gone tonight!

Hope everyone had a super productive Sunday…kinda like I did!


Jill said...

I like painting but it's such a pain to move everything! What color are you doing?

Niks La Mode. said...

nice with the CC arranging ! I worked this sunday ,but b4 that I got some laundry and cleaning done!

Ebony Jewel said...

@Jill - I AGREE! I hate moving furniture around to paint, but I needed to do it. I painted my entire house one neutral beige color & then painted all of the baseboards white.

@Niks La Mode - I should have done laundry, but I just could not get motivated enough to separate the clothes! LOL