Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9. I’m Traveling Next Week – How I ‘Work It” On The Road

Next week will be my last week of air travel for 2009! I’m super excited about that!  I try to pack as little as possible when I travel.  I have 1 carry-on bag & a laptop bag (either my Coach laptop bag or my Swiss laptop bag).  Unless you’re traveling internationally; a domestic checked bag is a LOST bag & I can’t risk someone losing my bag with my goodies in it! I’d be pissed!!

So next week – because it’s my last week of travel, I’m being a total minimalist! And here’s how I plan to accomplish it:

  • Decide on a color for the week & work around that “color scheme.” Next week’s color scheme will be black (so that means I need only 1 pair of high heels & that’s a black pair of pumps).  When I leave for the airport on Monday, I’ll be wearing a pair of Jessica Simpson flats that I got from Macy's – ultra comfy, ultra cute, and compactable if I have to throw them in my suitcase! I also pack my gym shoes inside of my purse which is also packed in my small carry-on.
  • Two pair of pants for the week (I travel Mon – Thurs); so a black pair worn Monday & Wednesday then a gray pair worn on Tuesday & Thursday.  I’ll pack 3 shirts/blouses & a scarf or two to dress up the outfits. 
  • I have a very small jewelry organizer that holds interchangeable jewelry for the week.
  • I ROLL ALL OF MY CLOTHES! A trick that I learned early on in the game! Rolling your clothes makes life a ton easier & you can always buy the Downy Wrinkle Releaser travel bottles to de-wrinkle your clothes if you don’t have time to iron!
  • I also pack an outfit to workout in, an outfit to sleep in, socks, long johns (cause it’s gonna be cold), panties, & an extra bra.
  • I put all of my 3 oz or less liquids into my  1 qt plastic bag!  Check out this website for tons of travel sized goodies:  I get extremely pissed when people attempt to go through security & argue because they don’t want to throw away their liquids! Check your bag & shut up, or throw that mess away! There are people in line behind you! LOL
I’m totally a minimalist when it comes to travel; I don’t have time to be lugging a whole bunch of stuff around the airport, especially when I have 30 minutes or less between connections.  I need my bags to be light so I can run through the airport like a crazy ass! If I run you down, I apologize, but I’ve got places to go and people to see!


Becca Christensen said...

Great post and I like the cite you shared. I'm going to have to see if that's cheaper than my couponing way of buying what i need for my travels. Happy last week of travel and then you can relax!


Niks La Mode. said...

wow love how u pack :) thanks SO SO SO SO much for the award :) I will get to it asap after I finish my daily reads on all my readers blogs and others :).

Have a safe travel gal n Happy holidays :)

michelle said...

wow! this is the best travel plan i've ever seen. i dont travel much, but i'll definitely be thinking about this when i start packing for my trip to az in a few weeks

Little Miss Paige said...

I love the tips! I'm traveling this week as well and needed some advice so THANK YOU!