Thursday, December 3, 2009

3. Tonight I Must Say Thank You

Last night I walked into my hotel room after a long, kind of frustrating, yet productive day at work to find this

laying on my bed along with a thank you note from the hotel management & concierge staff. 

I ♥ the hotel that we stay at during the week, I love the hotel manager, she's an absolute doll!  I love that when I arrive on Monday evenings, everyone and I seriously mean everyone welcomes me back to my home away from home with a smile.  I love that when I leave on Thursday mornings everyone says have a good weekend, we'll see you next week.  I love that once a few weeks ago I called room service to see if they had any cheesecake & was told no, cheesecake wasn't on their dessert menu, yet 20 minutes later a piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake was delivered to my room.  I love that I can walk into the hotel bar, sit down to chat with my coworkers, and minutes later have a chocolate martini in hand because all of the bar tenders know that's my drink of choice & that 1 perfectly prepared chocolate martini is enough to make me happy. I love that the hotel staff has dealt with me on my good days & bad days, but continue to treat me like I'm the most important guest they have. 

I text the picture above to some friends of mine & got a reply that said you're excited about that? You've literally stayed there every week this year & you're excited because you got a pillow with a monogrammed pillow case?

I'm excited because it made me feel special, important, like I am the only guest who matters.  It's totally the thought that counts & tonight I want to say thank you to all of the Marriott staff!!  I know that the NaBloPoMo theme "mitzvah" encourages us to do something nice for others, but I could not resist telling the world about the nice thing that was done for me!


Soph! said...

that's awfully sweet of them. It's always nice to feel special!

Becca Christensen said...

Umm hello!I would be wicked excited about that too! : ] YAY! Hooray for great customer service - which is hard to find these days!


michelle said...

thats so nice :) i love when hotel staff go that extra mile to make sure your stay is pleasant.

Laura said...

Wow! that was incredibly nice of them to do that for you! :) nothing beats that warm fuzzy feeling of being made to feel special. I'm happy to hear there really are still people out there who take a moment to care. :)

Tiffany said...

thanks for the get well wishes!

I done went in there and told them off. Now they are too scared to say anything lol...

They are so different from my boyfriend. He is quiet and they are so freaking loud

Ebony Jewel said...

Hm - this may post twice cause I got an error the first time!

@Soph! - I know right, who doesn't love feeling special?!

@Becca - It it extremely hard to find great customer service, but I can honestly say that except for my stay in the UK - Marriott has been great to me!

@Michelle - Me too; I don't think I'd make it through the week if I hated the hotel we stayed in!

@Laura - It was very nice of them! And they even offered to FedEx the pillow home to me!

@Tiffany - LOL well I'm happy you told them to caaaalm it down!! Get lots of rest so you can get over your stomach bug!

Niks La Mode. said...

That is so nice when u know someone cares!!! great cust service! I would love that plus a hotel bed at this moment! :) lol.

Daisy said...

I'd be excited too! The staff sounds adorable. I love that!!