Saturday, December 12, 2009



I know I’ve talked about work & I know I’ve talked about being satisfied with my job (sometimes) & I love networking, I’m totally outgoing, crazy, fun, I like to make money, I like career progression.

Something weird has happened….I’m not sure what the hell to make of it & I’m not even sure what to do – your advice is greatly appreciated!

I applied at several companies months ago when I felt like my career with my current employer was going nowhere. At times I still feel the exact same about my career at times I don’t. After talking to those in upper management – I was offered to transition into the sales force (which I blogged about here).

Now my dilemma – one of the companies that I applied at was Accenture. Accenture is one of the “big 4” consulting companies & in a way I’m dying to work for them. Having the name Accenture on my resume would be a huge plus for me, hopefully a great way to progress my career and working for Accenture would have HUGE travel opportunities seeing as it is an international company. I love consulting; I love working on projects & learning the ins & outs of businesses. My specialty is insurance – property & casualty, w/c, disability, etc, but I’d LOVE to learn something new & I think Accenture would offer that opportunity. I'm torn though because someone who has had a lot of faith in me & been my biggest supporter at my current company has made it possible for me to transition into sales as I've been wanting to do forever.

I have a phone interview scheduled with them for next week; I’m going to go through the interview process just to see how strenuous it is, plus I love interviews & networking with people.

I hope this all works out for the best, I hope that somehow there’s a sign that will tell me the right thing to do!


Soph! said...

wow! Congrats! that is huge! Good luck. I'm sure you'll make the best decision for you!

michelle said...

regardless of what happens, i think interviewing is a good idea. hopefully by the time you have to make a decision, you'll have a clearer idea of what to choose :)

Niks La Mode. said...

Wow hun congrats!!! My brother works for Accenture out of the VA office and he loves it!! If you want tips let me know and I can ask him for some. They started him off with great pay considering he is 23 I say GO FOR IT! By Gods Grace the job is yours !

Daisy said...

YAY!!! Good luck! You deserve the best and I'm sure you'll make the best happen. :)

Career decisions are hard - but you've been able to trust your instincts this far - I say - go with your gut feeling. :)